Learning Through Play

Rainbow Station's proprietary curriculum PLAYWORKS© is a thematic based curriculum designed to meet the individual needs of children.  The curriculum encompasses a mixture of teacher directed and student directed learning focusing on children's academic, physical and social development.

Using Standards of Learning, Rainbow Station educators teach children language, math, science, leadership skills and values through play. Children are provided daily opportunities for small group instruction and participate in self-selected learning centers.

Where Learning Meets Fun

Play is viewed as the work of childhood.  Children are expected to explore and learn about the world through play.  It is during play that children have an opportunity to:

  • think creatively
  • test concepts
  • draw conclusions
  • master new skills

Through PLAYWORKS©, Rainbow Station provides the guidance and structure that enables children to engage in child-generated small and large group creative play.

As a parent, wouldn’t you feel better if you knew exactly what your child was learning as well as he or she was having fun while learning? Of course, you would! That’s the promise of PLAYWORKS©.