You don't have to
be enrolled to use the
Get Well Place

In The Get Well Place at Rainbow Station, we provide expert nurturing care for mildly ill children – from birth to age 14 – and much-needed support for families with parents who work. It's a great comfort for ailing children and a godsend for working parents. Staffed full-time by a nurse, The Get Well Place provides emergency backup care for children with common childhood illnesses such as colds, flu or chicken pox.

We know children don't become ill when it's convenient.

Any working parent with a mildly ill child can bring their child here for expert care in a comfortable, child-friendly environment – whether just for a few hours or for a full day. With parental consent, we'll even pick up your child from school or childcare centers and bring him or her to our Get Well Place.

Ill children have a significant impact on families and business, causing parents to miss 13 to 14 days of work a year, and costing employers hundreds of dollars a day in lost productivity — not to mention the emotional stress on a parent who has to miss work because they have no other option.

Professional Nursing Care for Chronically Ill Children

We also provide care for chronically ill children who are enrolled in Rainbow Station, giving parents and families peace of mind knowing their children will receive the loving, professional nursing care they need — either in The Get Well Place or, as appropriate, while participating in classroom activities.

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It's no wonder parents and employers alike have embraced Rainbow Station's The Get Well Place as a unique solution, a critical community resource, and a valued part of every family's support system.

Get Well. Be Safe.

The Get Well Place is architecturally separated from the rest of Rainbow Station and can accommodate up to 20 children. After a quick assessment by our nurse, children are sent to one of four rooms, based on their symptoms: the Whoozy Station for gastrointestinal illness, the Sniffle Stop for respiratory illness, the Spot Stop for chicken pox and other highly contagious illnesses, and the Rest Stop for convalescent care. Children in the Get Well Place return to wellness without fear of contracting another illness because of our nurse's expertise and adherence to universal precautions.