Our Commitment to Leadership

We are excited to introduce INSPIRED, Rainbow Station’s new, and proprietary, leadership program!

Teaching leadership skills to young children is not new to Rainbow Station.  However, this program has been designed to better integrate with, and enhance, the existing play and values based curriculum, PLAYWORKS.

Within all children exists a wealth of POTENTIAL. As educators, our goal is to provide them with the tools to refine their natural gifts and a roadmap to guide them down a productive path. Through this leadership program, we hope to INSPIRE their curiosity. We want to INSPIRE them to be good citizens.  We want them to be INSPIRED to reach their fullest potential.

How does it work?

The INSPIRED curriculum consists of 6 literacies, or areas of study:

Social Literacy, Health Literacy, Environmental Literacy, Civic Literacy, Entrepreneurial Literacy, and Financial Literacy.

  1. Within each literacy, students will begin by understanding how the literacy pertains to themselves and to others around them. This subtopic is referred to as “Self and Others.”
  2. Then, the lessons will expand to incorporate relationships with family, friends and teachers: “Home and School.”
  3. Lastly, the lessons will broaden to focus on community and world relationships: “Community.”

Realistic applications of the literacies are a vital part of the program.  We will read stories for each literacy and explore real world applications within each lesson.

How will a small child understand these literacies?

The language used to help children understand is very simple and will evolve as they mature and grow.

Your Rainbow Station teachers and staff are happy to provide further explanation of how this new program will integrate into your child’s day.  We are excited to take this journey with you and your child, and we look forward to our continued partnership in raising tomorrow’s leaders!