The Rainbow Station Experience

Every day your child arrives at Rainbow Station, he or she can expect to have the best day ever. And then the next day arrives and it will be even better!

That’s because at Rainbow Station, each day is filled with challenge, discovery, and learning. Children are surrounded by the smiling faces of people who are passionate about education and the rewards that come from making a difference in the life of a child—your child. Each and every day, our mission truly comes alive within the walls of our schools: Teachers and Nurses Partner with Parents to Promote the Success of Each Child.

Rainbow Station teachers help your child achieve his or her potential by fulfilling the needs of your child—social, emotional, physical—with age-appropriate curriculum and recreational activities that balance the importance of repetition with opportunities to explore new ideas. We help your child identify his or her unique skills, gifts, and talents and become a leader!

And only Rainbow Station has the distinction of being the nation's first "Leadership Preschool" and "Leadership School Age Recreation Program."  Rainbow Station focuses on development beyond academic skills and incorporates leadership skills into their proprietary curriculum, Inspired, to help children become successful 21st century citizens.

Children attending Rainbow Station make life long friends, feel safe and secure, and discover that learning is fun.