After School: THE PLACE TO BE!!

The Village at Rainbow Station provides a nationally accredited school aged recreation program that is, quite simply, AWESOME! Our program is designed to meet the changing academic, recreational and social needs of children ages five to fourteen. Each day, The Village program offers a variety of recreational and enrichment activities and is supplemented with dedicated time for our students to study and do their homework.

Staffed by specially trained degreed recreational counselors, recreational instructors, and recreational assistants, our program allows students to participate in a program designed to encourage and promote choice while instilling leadership skills and values. The Village program is housed in an innovative facility which emulates the feeling of a small town community. It is a complete village within The Village!

Upon their arrival to The Village, students are able to choose their daily activities, each of which takes place in a different part of town. These could include:

  • Village Green - town meetings
  • Library - quiet study and reading
  • Arcade – different types of games
  • Café Rainbow - cooking projects and snacks
  • Art Gallery – creative arts and crafts
  • Construction Zone - building things
  • Technology Lab - research, learning, and fun
  • Indoor Gym - sports
  • Apothecary - science and nature projects
  • Theatre - dramatic play
  • Outdoor Playground - play with friends
  • “Club 5” – An exclusive area for the “big kids” (5th grade and up)

Our teachers in The Village focus on the whole student — mind, heart, and body — to help them reach their full potential in a safe environment that encourages responsibility, fosters leadership and gives them the freedom to make their own choices.

After School Transportation is available.